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12 January 2012 The Dismal Science? Introductory background and ideas ... 
19 January 2012 The Wealth of Nations What is wealth?; Forms of Wealth; Mercantilism; Physiocracy 
19 January 2012 Value The idea of value in general; Locke's labour theory of value 
26 January 2012 The Invisible Hand Basic introduction to Adam Smith: key ideas 
2 February 2012 Costing The Earth? Malthus, Ricardo; problems with the effect of economic growth on population 
9 February 2012 Property is Theft Utopian socialism; Work & Alienation 
16 February 2012 From each according to their ability ... Brief, basic outline of Marx's political-economic theory ... 
23 February 2012 Getting what you want The basis of orthodox economic thinking introduced; the concept of 'Utility'; Game theory  
1 March 2012 Spend! Spend! Spend! Heterodox approaches incl. Veblen and Bataille; Conspicuous consumption; Money: social & libidinal aspects 
8 March 2012 If you take a walk. they'll tax your feet! The role of the state in the economy; hands-on, hands-off; Keynes 
15 March 2012 Greed is Good Contra Keynes; Austrian School; Hayek; Monetarism, Friedman 
22 March 2012 Against The Gods! Risk!; Justice; Shiller's proposals for a 'new financial order' 
22 March 2012 Overcoming 'Scarcity'? 'Stoic' and 'Hedonic' orientations; Saving and Spending 
Showing 13 items